Chess News

24 September 2019

The B Team started their campaign with a 3-1 victory over Southbourne C with Mihail Nutu and Barry Jolly scoring the full point with Steve Disney and Simon Bown making draws.


17 September 2019

An excellent start to the season with victory for the A Team over Wimborne B by 2.5-1.5 with wins by Peter Manning and John Belinger against higher graded players with Reenen du Toit securing a draw to win the match. In a very exciting game David Bradley-Brock was close to victory as he forced his opponent’s king up the board but trying to deliver checkmate and parry his opponent’s threats whilst playing on the 30 second increment proved too much and he lost on time.


23 August 2019

Mihail Nutu continued his fine run of form with a score of 4 out of 6 in the David Lockwood Memorial Event held at Poole on 17 August. This included a stunning victory overAlan Pleasants who is graded at 191 and won the under 130 grading prize. The format was 10 minute blitz games.


8 July 2019

Congratulations to Mihail Nutu who was the winner of the Intermediate Section in the Dorset Closed Tournament with a score of 3.5 points from four rounds.


29 May 2019

The High Milton team was unable to achieve a victory over Wimborne F which would have made them champions of Division 5. Indeed it took an exciting win by Tim Jones from a very unpromising position to draw the match, Peter Ashwood being the other victor.


24 May 2019

The A Team drew their final match against Wimborne B with wins by David Bradley-Brock and Barry Jolly. This meant that a very commendable 2nd place in Division 2 was achieved.


14 May 2019

The B Team were victorious in their final match against Highcliffe C, 2.5-1.5, although it was a very tight match  with wins by Steve Disney and Mihail Nutu and John Belinger escaped with a draw when his opponent blundered in a winning position.


8 May 2019

Reenen Du Toit retained his status as Club Champion but it was a very close run thing with his last round opponent , Steve Disney, running out of time in a tight position and Peter Manning surrendered his leadership position going down to Mihail Nutu.


4 May 2019

The B Team are champions of Division 4 as Southbourne lost to Highcliffe and we now have a 4 point lead with only one match remaining.


3 May 2019

The B Team defeated Purbeck 3-1 with a win by Mihail Nutu and draws from Steve Disney and Simon Bown. John Belinger won his game by default as his opponent did not show up. A draw in the final match against Highcliffe C will be sufficient to win the 4th division even if Southbourne D win their two remaining games.


1 May 2019

Congratulations to Peter Manning on winning the Club Knock-out competition defeating Steve Disney in the final.

The A Team defeated Poole C 3-1 with wins for Reenen Du Toit, David Bradley-Brock and Barry Jolly. With one match left they are second in their division.

The B Team lost 2.5-1.5 to Wimborne E with a win from Mihail Nutu and a draw from Steve Disney. They need a win and a draw from their two remaining games to win their division.

The High Milton team were defeated 2.5-1.5 by Poole F with a win from Rachel Richardson and a draw by Mihail Nutu. Despite this setback, if they can win their last match against Wimborne F they will win the division


20 March 2019

A good win for the A Team against Bournemouth A, 2.5-1.5, with Reenen Du Toit continuing his strong run of form with another win backed up by a victory from David Bradley-Brock and a draw from Barry Jolly.


2 March 2019

In a top of the table clash in Division 4 the B Team defeated Southbourne D by 2.5 to 1.5. Simon Bown launched a devastating queenside pawn assault to defeat his opponent. Steve Disney had a steady draw and John Belinger sealed the win when he won an early pawn and his opponent later had to sacrifice a knight to stop a passed pawn and the game was soon over.


22 February 2019

The A Team drew with Wimborne C 2-2 with wins for Reenen Du Toit and David Bradley-Brock  on the top boards but the lower boards could not repeat that success.

The High Milton Team went down to its first defeat of the season to Southbourne E 1.5-2.5 with Tim Jones victorious and Rachel Richardson making a draw.


4 February 2019

Another tough match against Ringwood A and although Reenen Du Toit scored a great win against his 192 graded opponent, the A Team went down to a 1-3 defeat.


30 January 2019

A disappointing evening with the A Team going down to a 0.5-3.5 defeat by Ringwood A with Peter Manning scoring the solitary draw. Ringwood now lead the 2nd Division.


23 January 2019

The B Team had a struggle against Poole E and things looked grim at 2-0 down but Simon Bown and Steve Disney rescued the match with wins in their games. The result kept the B Team top of their division.


14 December 2018

A busy week for our teams.

The A Team had a 2-2 draw against Wimborne C with Reenen Du Toit and David Bradley-Brock scoring victories on the top boards.

The B Team defeated Poole E by 3-1 with wins by Steve Disney and Mihail Nutu and draws for John Belinger and Mike Honey

The combined NM/Highcliffe team had another victory 3-1 over Poole F in Division 5 with wins for John Beasant, Aleks Gorbacovs and Rachel Richardson.

At the mid-season point the A team lead Division 2 with 6 points from 4 games. The B Team lead Division 4 with 7 points from 4 games and the Combined team lead Division 5 with a maximum 6 points from 3 games. A very satisfactory position for everyone.


27 November 2018

The A Team had a tough battle against Bournemouth A with a 2-2 result. Peter Manning and David Bradley-Brock were victorious but Barry Jolly suffered defeat and it was left to the final game to decide the result. Reenen Du Toit was the exchange for a pawn up, declined a draw offer and pressed for victory. With both players in severe time trouble, Reenen attacked down the king-side but his opponent launched a decisive attack down the centre and delivered checkmate.

The combined NM/Highcliffe team has a easier time against Southbourne E winning 4-0 with wins for Mihail Nutu, Aleks Gorbacovs, Tim Jones and Rachel Richardson.


20 November 2018

The B Team drew 2-2 with Southbourne D with a win by John Belinger and draws by Steve Disney and Mike Honey. Unfortunately Mihail Nutu went astray in time trouble and had to concede defeat.


24 October 2018

The B Team were victorious 2.5 to 1.5 over Wimborne E but the result hinged on the final game to finish when Mihail Nutu  managed to convert a very tricky position into a win which drew a round of applause from the spectators. John Beasant scored the full point and John Belinger drew his game.


19 October 2018

Although without two regular team members our A Team had a convincing 3-1 win over Poole C with Reenen du Toit and Steve Disney winning and Peter Manning and Mike Honey drawing their games.

At the recent 5 round Dorset Open Congress Peter Manning scored 2.5 in the Major Section and John Belinger scored 2.5 in the Intermediate Section. Reenen du Toit had a tough time in the Open Section against more highly graded players scoring 1 point.


11 October 2018

The B Team followed up their 2.5 -1.5 win over Highcliffe C with a 3-1 victory over Purbeck. John Belinger and Simon Bown both won convincingly and it was left to Mike Honey to seal the match in a very tense game when his opponent ran out of time.


18 September 2018

The A Team started the season with a convincing 3.5 to 0.5 defeat of Wimborne B with wins for Reenen du Toit and David Bradley-Brock and a draw by Peter Manning. Barry Jolly won by default as Wimborne came with only three players.


24 July 2018

The first Members’ Rapid Play Tournament was held tonight. Each game was allotted 20 minutes but with time split between the players based on the difference in their gradings. The effect of the handicap system was to give everyone a chance of success. The winner was our club champion, Reenen Du Toit, with 4.5 points from  6 rounds despite been heavily time handicapped in all his games but in joint second place were John Beasant and Mihail Nutu coming ahead of more highly graded players proving that the handicap system did create a  level playing field.


23 May 2018

The A team lost their final match by 0.5 to 3.5 to Highcliffe A who had already gained promotion to Division 1. Barry Jolly scored the solitary draw.


9 May 2018

In their final match of the season the B team salvaged some pride with a very good win against Highcliffe B with John Belinger and Mihail Nutu getting the full point and Steve Disney achieving a draw.


28 April 2018

Following on from their success against Bournemouth B, the A team entertained Ringwood A and had a convincing victory 3-1 with wins for Reenen Du Toit, Peter Manning and Barry Jolly.

The B team gave themselves hope of avoiding relegation with a very good win, 2.5 -1.5, against Southbourne C with Simon Bown and John Beasant  getting the vital wins and Steve Disney getting a draw against a much higher rated opponent. However in the next match against Ringwood B they were unable to repeat that success, going down 2.5 -1.5, despite a win from Simon Bown and a draw by John Beasant. They are therefore relegated.


6 March 2018

NMA played Bournemouth B in a crucial relegation battle. Victory for NM would ensure their place in Division 2 for next season. Barry Jolly and John Belinger had fairly quick draws and it didn’t look promising when Reenen Du Toit had a very level game but Peter Manning had a very difficult position with his opponent having a dangerous passed pawn coming down the board. However Peter kept hassling his opponent’s king with a series of rook checks and his opponent, with virtually no time left on his clock blundered away his passed pawn and left Peter with an easy winning king and pawn endgame so NM were victorious.