Chess News

21 November 2022

The 2023 season has suffered a stuttering start with various postponements but the highlight so far is the A Team’s victory over Southborne B by 3.5 to 0.5 with wins from Peter Manning, Tim Jones and John Belinger and a draw by Reenen du Toit. The B Team drew against Wimborne F with wins from Jack Versey and Barry Jolly but suffered a 3-0 loss against southborne D. In the Dorset League our Division 3 Team went down to Wimborne C by 3.5 to 0.5 with John Belinger scoring the solitary draw.


23 May 2022

Congratulations to Tim Jones who defeated John Belinger in the final of the Club Knock-Out Competition.

The B Team finished its season with a 2-2 draw with Southbourne C with a win by Tim Jones and draws from Barry Jolly and John Beasant.


29 April 2022

The A Team went down to a 0.5-3.5 to Wimborne A with John Belinger scoring the solitary draw. However in their final match of the season they drew 2-2 with Ringwood A with a win by Tim Jones and draws from David Bradley-Brock and Peter Manning. Unfortunately the team was relegated.

The B team had a return fixture against Bournemouth B which again ended with a 2-2 draw with a win by Barry Jolly and draws from Tim Jones and John Belinger. Any possibility of relegation was thereby avoided. The next match against Wimborne C was another 2-2 draw with wins from Tim Jones and John Belinger.

We also have to report the tragic death of Mihail Nutu who died from a post-operative infection whilst in Romania. He will be sorely missed as a key A Team player.


24 March 2022

The A Team’s struggles continued with a 1.5-2.5 defeat to Highcliffe A with a win by Reenen and a draw from John Belinger. The B Team drew 2-2 with Bournemouth B with four draws from Tim, John Belinger, Barry and John Beasant and edged towards safety as Southbourne C now need to get 2.5 points from their three remaining games one of which is the final match of the season against our B Team.

The Club was well represented at the recent Fareham Congress with Peter Manning scoring 4 points, Tim Jones 3 points and John Belinger 2.5 points out of 6.


15 March 2022

The A Team lost to the higher rated Poole A and Southbourne A teams by 3.5 to 0.5 and is heading for relegation. Tim Jones scored the solitary draws. The B Team lost to Poole C and Highcliffe B both by 2.5 to 1.5 but Southbourne C remain favourites for relegation from Division 3.


27 January 2022

After the A team lost to Ringwood A by 1-3 with draws from Reenen du Toit and Peter Manning and the B Team lost to Wimborne C 2.5 -1.5 after a draw from John Belinger and a late win by Tim Jones, the B team achieved a crucial win over Southborne C with a win from John Belinger and draws from Tim Jones and Barry Jolly and then John Beasant fighting off very strong pressure to emerge with a superior position at which point his opponent offered a draw which John accepted to clinch the match.

John Belinger also played in the 4NCL Congress in Harrogate and was joint winner of the U1700 section with 4 points from 5 games.


16 December 2021

Great success for our A Team with a victory over Poole A with wins from Reenen du Toit and Peter Manning and a draw by David Bradley-Brock followed by a victory over Wimborne A with wins again from Reenen and Peter and a draw by David. In both matches NM was heavily outgraded.

In our Christmas Frolic Rapid-Play event Mihail Nutu won the Top Section and John Belinger won the Second section.


17 November 2021

NMA went down 1-3 to a very strong Highcliffe A team with Peter Manning scoring the only point. NMB were more successful against Highcliffe C with Barry Jolly victorious and John Belinger and Tim Jones making draws to give a 2-2 result.


26 October 2021

NMB played Poole C but went down 1.5-2.5 with Tim Jones, John Belinger and John Beasant making draws.

15 October 2021

The season kicked off with our A Team facing Southbourne A which proved a tough opening challenge. David Bradley-Brock and Peter Manning secured draws but the team went down by 1-3.


27 August 2021

The 2019/20 League season has been concluded based on the league tables at March 2020 and New Milton A has been declared the winner of Division 2. The team comprised Reenen du Toit, David Bradley-Brock, Peter Manning and John Belinger. David Bradley-Brock and John Belinger were joint highest scorers in Division 2 with 6.5 points out of 8 and will share a Boardman trophy. Tim Jones was the highest score in Division 5 with 5.5 points out of 7 and wins a Boardman trophy outright. Congratulations to all of them.


27 March 2021

Online chess has continued a pace and particularly notable was the Dorset Rapidplay event which was a 7 round Swiss tournament played on Sunday 14 March with a time limit of 10 minutes per player with an extra 10 seconds given on each move. Our star performer was Tim Jones with 5 wins out of 7games winning the 126 to 140 grading prize and finishing 9th out of 60 players overall. Reenen du Toit and Peter Manning each scored 3.5 points with John Belinger and Barry Jolly scoring 3 and 2 points respectively.


27 January 2021

Reenen’s good form has continued finishing 2nd in the online blitz event on 2 January and 1st in the Team Battle on 4 January with the NM Team finishing a very creditable 3rd with good support from Tim Jones, David Bradley-Brock and John Belinger.


22 December 2020

In the Team Battle on 21 December, New Milton had an outstanding performance finishing second with Reenen scoring a magnificent 27 points with good support from Peter Manning and John Belinger who each scored 10 points. This followed Reenen coming first in the Wednesday Blitz events on 25 November and 9 December and second on 16 December.


3 November 2020

Reenen’s fine run of form has continued with first place in the Ringwood Blitz events on 19 and 28 October, second on 2 November and fourth on 21 October. John Belinger took first place in the themed opening event on 28 October. In the Team battle on 26 October we were 6th out of 7 teams who out graded us by some way but Tim Jones did score five points against some highly rated players.


15 October 2020

More success for New Milton with a great performance by Reenen winning last night’s Ringwood Blitz event with Peter Manning finishing second.


14 October 2020

In the latest Team Battle on 12 October, New Milton finished a creditable 4th out of 7 teams with a very fine performance from Reenen Du Toit scoring 16 points with only one loss in eight games and finishing third in the individual scores. David Bradley-Brock, Peter Manning and Tim Jones gave excellent support.

Reenen also came 2nd in the Wednesday evening Blitz on 30 September so is in very good form.


4 July 2020

The Con Club has reopened for meals and drinks but games are currently prohibited.


21 March 2020

League chess, internal competitions and social chess are suspended and the Conservative Club is closed until further notice.


10 March 2020

Tonight the A Team dew 2-2 with their nearest rivals,Bournemouth A. John Belinger and Peter Manning drew their games and everything hinged on the final game when David Bradley-Brock seized the initiative and his queen and rook combined to force his opponent’s king up the centre of the board and he finished off the game with a deadly pawn fork of king and queen.

With two matches remaining, The A Team still leads the second division by two points.

In a recent fixture the B Team lost 1.5 – 2.5 to closest rivals  Poole C although Tim Jones managed a fine win and Barry Jolly drew. Poole C now look strong favourites to win the third division.


1 March 2020

Tim Jones had an impressive result in the Fareham Congress. Playing in the under 155 Section he scored 3.5 points out of 6 with 2 wins and three draws.


18 February 2020

The A Team defeated Wimborne C by 3.5 – 0.5 with wins from David Bradley-Brock, John Belinger and Steve Disney and a draw by Reenen du Toit.

The C Team were less successful going down to Bournemouth C 1.5 – 2.5 with a win from Simon Bown and a draw from Tim Jones.


20 January 2020

The B Team went down to its first defeat of the season to Highcliffe C with Simon Bown and Tim Jones the scorers with half a point each.


15 January 2020

The C Team went down to its first defeat of the season to Wimborne F by 1.5 to 2.5 as sickness of key players meant that board 4 was defaulted. Johann Lotter scored a win and Tim Jones a draw.


13 January 2020

The second half of the season kicked off with the C Team defeating Southbourne E by 2.5 -1.5 with wins from Simon Bown and Peter Ashwood and a draw by Tim Jones.

The A Team then defeated Highcliffe B 3-1 with wins from Reenen du Toit, David Bradley-Brock and John Belinger. The team now has 11 points out of 12.


17 December 2019

The Christmas Frolic Rapid Play took place over 5 rounds with a time limit of 5 minutes plus 15 seconds per move for each player. An exciting evening of chess with some upsets along the way but in the end class told and the winner was Reenen du Toit with 4.5 retaining his crown. Second was Ian Deswarte guesting from Guildford with 4 points and third was David Bradley-Brock with 3.5 points.


26 November 2019

The A Team defeated Highcliffe B by 2.5  -1.5 with Peter Manning’s victory proving decisive although Highcliffe did well to  hold their own on the top three boards against Reenen, David and John Belinger. The A Team lead the Second Division with 9 points out of 10 at the half-way stage.

On the same evening the C Team defeated Southbourne E 3 – 1 with wins from Tim Jones, John Beasant and Johann Lotter. They lead the Fifth Division with 7 points out of 8.


20 November 2019

In their final match before Christmas, the B Team defeated Highcliffe C by 3-1. Barry Jolly scored first and then Simon Bown won a pawn chase to queen first and then block his opponent’s pawn. Steve Disney succumbed to a fine attack from Andrew Manson but Mihail Nutu gave a display of the power of two bishops combining to attack a wandering king and eventually he had four united passed pawns advancing to the sixth rank to finish the game.

At the half-way stage of the season the B Team has 5 wins out of 5 matches which is very impressive for the newly promoted team.


14 November 2019

The A Team scored a convincing 3.5 to 0.5 win over Wimborne C with wins from Reenen du Toit, David Bradley-Brock and Peter Manning and a draw by John Belinger. Pete’s game was the most exciting aa his opponent missed a winning opportunity but Pete then counter-attacked and wove an intriguing mating net around his opponent’s king.

8 November 2019

The B Team scored a superb win over Poole C, 3-1, despite being out-graded by an average of 23 grading points per board. Barry Jolly, Mike Honey and Tim Jones scored the victories.

The C team defeated Bournemouth C, 3.5-0.5, with wins from Tim Jones and Peter Ashwood and a draw by John Beasant. Bournemouth defaulted on board 4.


29 October 2019

Recent matches resulted in a victory for the A Team over Bournemouth A, 2.5-1.5, the B Team defeating Wimborne B 2.5-1.5 and the C Team drawing 2-2 with Highcliffe E.

Winners for the A Team were David Bradley-Brock and John Belinger with a draw from Peter Manning. Mihail Nutu and Tim Jones continues their fine run of form with wins for the B Team with Mike Honey securing a draw to seal the match. Tim was also a winner in the C Team match with Johann Lotter achieving his first victory in league play.

18 October 2019

All our teams have been in action this week starting with the C Team which defeated Poole E with wins from Tim Jones and Simon Bown and a draw by John Beasant. The B Team match against Wimborne D was a three board match due to a shortage of players and Tim and Simon played as reserves with both scoring wins and Steve Disney drawing to give a 2.5-0.5 victory. The A Team then played Southbourne B with Davis Bradley-Brock and John Belinger giving us a 2-0 lead but our other boards went down so the final result was 2-2.

14 October 2019

The Dorset Open Congress took place over the weekend with very good representation from our Club.

A star performer was Tim Jones in the Minor Section (under 115) scoring 4 points out of 5 with three wins and two draws. He finished joint second with 3 other players behind the outright winner and shared in the prize money..

John Belinger managed 3.5 out of 5 in the Intermediate Section (under 135) with two wins and three draws finishing finishing joint second with three others behind the outright winner and shared in the prize money.

Pete Manning braved the Major Section (under 160) and scored 3 points out of 5 with one win and four draws which was a very impressive performance given that all his opponents were graded in the 150’s. This performance qualified for the grading prize.

Reenen du Toit found the going tough in the very strong Open Section scoring 1.5 out of 5.


24 September 2019

The B Team started their campaign with a 3-1 victory over Southbourne C with Mihail Nutu and Barry Jolly scoring the full point with Steve Disney and Simon Bown making draws.


17 September 2019

An excellent start to the season with victory for the A Team over Wimborne B by 2.5-1.5 with wins by Peter Manning and John Belinger against higher graded players with Reenen du Toit securing a draw to win the match. In a very exciting game David Bradley-Brock was close to victory as he forced his opponent’s king up the board but trying to deliver checkmate and parry his opponent’s threats whilst playing on the 30 second increment proved too much and he lost on time.


23 August 2019

Mihail Nutu continued his fine run of form with a score of 4 out of 6 in the David Lockwood Memorial Event held at Poole on 17 August. This included a stunning victory overAlan Pleasants who is graded at 191 and won the under 130 grading prize. The format was 10 minute blitz games.


8 July 2019

Congratulations to Mihail Nutu who was the winner of the Intermediate Section in the Dorset Closed Tournament with a score of 3.5 points from four rounds.