Club Championship 2018/19

Rd 1 – By 27 October 2018

Steve Disney     v  Barry Jolly                     0.5 – 0.5

Reenen Du Toit v Mihail Nutu                   0.5 – 0.5

Mike Honey      v  John Belinger                0.5 – 0.5

Peter Manning v David Bradley-Brock     0 – 1

Rd 2 – By 21 December 2018

Mihail Nutu                  v   Steve Disney

John Belinger               v   Barry Jolly

David Bradley-Brock  v Reenen du Toit

Peter Manning             v Mike Honey

Rd 3 – By 12 January 2019

Steve Disney      v John Belinger

Mihail Nutu       v David Bradley-Brock

Barry Jolly         v Peter Manning

Reenen du Toit  v Mike Honey

Rd 4 – By 9 February 2019

David Bradley-Brock  v Steve Disney

Peter Manning            v John Belinger

Mike Honey                 v Mihail Nutu

Reenen Du Toit           v Barry Jolly

Rd 5 – By 9 March 2019

Steve Disney                 v Peter Manning

David Bradley-Brock  v Mike Honey

John Belinger               v Reenen Du Toit

Mihail Nutu                  v Barry Jolly

Rd 6 -By 6 April 2019

Mike Honey        v Steve Disney

Reenen Du Toit  v Peter Manning

Barry Jolly          v David Bradley-Brock

Mihail Nutu       v John Belinger

Rd 7 – By 4 May 2019

Steve Disney                 v Reenen du Toit

Mike Honey                  v Barry Jolly

Peter Manning             v Mihail Nutu

David Bradley-Brock  v John Belinger


The first names player has the white pieces.

Games not played by the stipulated dates will be scored as a loss for both players.

Results are sent to the ECF for grading.

Time limits are 35 moves in 75 minutes and then an extra 15 minutes for a quick-play finish.