Club Knock-Out Tournament 2021/22

Round 1 Winner

John Beasant v Peter Manning Peter Manning

Barry Jolly v Mike Honey

Paul Mayne v Tim Jones Tim Jones

Bob Gladstone v David Bradley-Brock David Bradley-Brock w/o

Peter Ashwood v John Belinger

Johann Lotter v Jim Day

Mihail Nutu v Reenen du Toit

First named player has white.

Time limit is 60 minutes per player for whole game.

Games are not ECF graded and moves do not have to be recorded.

If the first game is drawn then there is a second game with colours reversed and 15 minutes per player and so on until there is a decisive result.

All games to be played by 31 December 2021.

If you wish to withdraw or there is a dispute please contact Barry Jolly.