Club Knock-Out Competition 2018/19

Rd 1 – By 17 November 2018

Simon Bown v Eva Gaskin                   1-0

Mike Honey  v Johann Lotter              1-0

Barry Jolly    v David Bradley-Brock  1-0

Mihail Nutu (white) v Paul Mayne (black)

Aleks Gorbacovs v John Belinger       1-0

Peter Manning v Peter Ashwood       1-0

 Rd 2 – By 12 January 2019

Simon Bown v Mike Honey

Steve Disney v John Beasant

Barry Jolly v Mihail Nutu or Paul Mayne

Peter Manning v Aleks Gorbacovs

Rd 3 -By 9 March 2019



Rd 2 and subsequent- toss for colours.

Time limits 60 minutes each for all moves.

Games will not be ECF graded.

Recording moves is not compulsory.

If games are not played by the stipulated dates then both players will score a loss and be eliminated from the competition.