Club Knock-Out Competition 2018/19

Rd 1 – By 17 November 2018

Simon Bown v Eva Gaskin                   1-0

Mike Honey  v Johann Lotter              1-0

Barry Jolly    v David Bradley-Brock  1-0

Mihail Nutu v Paul Mayne                   1-0

Aleks Gorbacovs v John Belinger       1-0

Peter Manning v Peter Ashwood       1-0

 Rd 2 – By 12 January 2019

Simon Bown v Mike Honey                 1 -0

Steve Disney v John Beasant               1 -0

Barry Jolly    v Mihail Nutu                  1 -0

Peter Manning v Aleks Gorbacovs     1 -0

Semi-Final -By 9 March 2019

Simon Bown v Steve Disney               0 -1

Peter Manning v Barry Jolly               1-0

Final – By  4 May 2019

Peter Manning v Steve Disney           1 -0


Rd 2 and subsequent- toss for colours.

Time limits 60 minutes each for all moves.

Games will not be ECF graded.

Recording moves is not compulsory.

In the event of a draw a quick play game of 15 minutes each with colours reversed will be played and so on until there is a winner.

If games are not played by the stipulated dates then both players will score a loss and be eliminated from the competition.