Conservative Club Rules for Visiting Teams

The Conservative Club operates as a smart social club and has a dress code. The Code is “smart casual” which means no ripped jeans, t-shirts with  slogans which could cause offence and dirty workclothes and any other clothing which is inappropriate for the Club atmosphere.  Additionally no shorts are allowed after 8.30pm except for the months of June to September.

Any visitor who turns up incorrectly dressed is liable to be refused admission which, as well as causing embarrassment to all concerned, is likely to result in a default of your game unless you happen to have brought a change of clothing with you.

Children under the age of 14 are not normally permitted on the Club’s premises but a visiting team is regarded as participating in a private function so a child under 14 can play in a league match. If you have a person in your team under 14 years of age it would be helpful if Chess Club Secretary could be notified in advance of the match so that the bar staff can be made aware that the child’s attendance is authorised.

The Club car park can only be used by paid-up members of the Club who have purchased an annual parking permit which has to be displayed. Visitors must park either on the street outside the Club or in the large pay and display car park in Osborne Road which is free after 6.00pm. If you have to move your car after your game has started your clock will not be stopped and you will lose time.

Visitors are not permitted to consume food or drink which they have brought into the club. Tap water is provided free of charge but if you wish to consume mineral water, soft drinks, tea,  coffee and alcoholic drinks then these must be purchased from the bar.

Finally all visitors are required to sign in and be identified to the bar staff. The home team captain will take you through the simple procedure. This is for security and insurance purposes. Visiting team members do not have to pay a visitor’s fee.